Traditional Rice Cultivation in North of Iran – Gilan

Hashemi rice is one of the finest and most excellent Iranian rice varieties, known for its superb quality and delicious cooking results. After cooking, its fragrance fills the streets with a delightful aroma. Due to its exceptional quality, a significant portion of the country’s rice production is dedicated to Hashemi rice. It has not only gained popularity within Iran but has also attracted a dedicated and potential customer base worldwide.

This collection was photographed in May 2024

during the first and second months of spring, which is the time for rice cultivation in the northern region of the country. The nature in northern Iran presents itself in its most beautiful form, with abundant water and fertile soil, making agriculture the primary occupation in these areas. The location of this photography collection is Hassan Mohammadi Nejad’s farm, one of the pioneering farmers in the north of the country, located in Aliabad village within the jurisdiction of Bandar-e Anzali city.

The primary occupation of the residents of this village is agriculture. In all the farms of Aliabad village, Hashemi rice is cultivated. Nowadays, most of the farms carry out this cultivation in an industrial and mechanized manner. However, in these images, we witness one of the most labor-intensive occupations, traditional rice cultivation, which is carried out with the help of Gilan’s women. Every year, the number of laborers using this method decreases due to the difficulty of the work. Sweet water is the main component of rice cultivation, without which rice cultivation would not be possible.

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