Anzali Doodkhane

This job came from the Soviet Union to the north of Iran, and it took place for the first time in Bandar Anzali, which is in the province of Gilan in the north of Iran. I took these photos in the oldest smokehouse in Anzali, where their grandfathers have been doing the same thing until now, and we call this delicious food Mahi Doodi and they make it with White Fish.White Fish is most famous fish in Iran.

1: Main Worker
Explanation: This man brings the smoked fish from the room racks and these individuals are very authentic and hardworking.
2: Washing and Soaking
Explanation: In this section, the fish are thoroughly washed and kept in salt water for 8 to 10 days. This fish is called white fish, a native species of the Caspian Sea and is very delicious and famous. After being salted, the fish is ready to be dried in the open air.
3: Drying
Explanation: This fish is removed from the saltwater to dry completely and be ready to go into the smoking room.
4: Hanging Wood
Explanation: These woods hold the fish in the smoking room and look at their number, which indicates the high consumption of these fish.
5: Entrance Queue
Explanation: The fish are collected and prepared to enter a smoking room.
6: Smoking Room Ceiling
Explanation: These rooms are old and have a ceiling made of a plant that is woven into mats in the northern cities of Iran and Bandar Anzali. This type of ceiling is similar to the old-style ceilings of our hometown of Bandar Anzali.
7: Inside the Smoking Room
Explanation: In this room, smoke is created using wood chips, and the fish are hung from the ceiling to become fully smoked and dried.
8: Exterior Door View
Explanation: Smoke always comes out of the front and ceiling of the smoking rooms, and this view is reminiscent of the nostalgic houses of northern Iran and Bandar Anzali.
9: Inspection
Explanation: The fish must be inspected to see if they are ready to leave the smoking room or not.
10: Buyers and Friends
Explanation: On certain days, buyers and old friends come to this place to inspect or take the fish with them.
11: Ready for Distribution
Explanation: Nowadays, smoking house owners do not sell smoked fish, they only prepare them, and in the final stage, they separate them in a separate hall for customers who have brought their own fish to be smoked.

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